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  • Superfeet BLUEBERRY insoles take up less space and fit many types footwear that have factory insoles you can remove.
  • Provides continuous support and comfort from heel to toe.
  • Enjoy ergonomic, lumbar-like support for your feet.
  • Scientifically-designed shape delivers all-day comfort.
  • The stabilizer cap and firm foam provide the shape that supports the foot and arch. It’s this distinct shape that separates Superfeet insoles from any other.

AEROSPRING™: Durable viscoelastic, closed-cell, comfort foam cushions the heel
and foot. The beveled foam edge improves the fit in tighter fitting footwear.
STABILIZER CAP: The base of the insole that supports the rearfoot and provides
structure and stability to the foam layer.
HEEL CUP: Positions the soft tissue to help naturally absorb impact.
BIOMECHANICAL SHAPE: The contoured shape can help reduce stress on feet,
ankles and knees, while taking up less space in the footwear.
LONG-LASTING ODOR CONTROL: Eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

  • A - Youth 13.5-2
  • B - Youth 2.5-4 Women 4.5-6
  • C - Women 6.5-8 Men 5.5-7
  • D - Women 8.5-10 Men 7.5-9
  • E - Women 10.5-12 Men 9.5-11
  • F - Men 11.5-13
  • G - Men 13.5-15
  • H - Men 15.5-17

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