HoneyVerse Beast Mode Tag Beast Mode

HoneyVerse Beast Mode Tag Beast Mode



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Beast Mode Tag

The NEW recycled Tshirt Wrap Workout bracelet BEAST MODE is the perfect little champion on your wrist pushing you through those last miles, reps, or just life in general! Perfect for wearing solo or layering with other wrap favorits !Any you know these are the perfect fitness friend gift!! Colors vary as they are recycled so if we run out we will replace with a new color so get it while its in stock! perfect for Secret Santa Gifts!

• { one} recycled tshirt wrap (colors vary - and screens can vary the colors slightly so we try to be as descriptive as possible in the label)
• Tie wrap on and tuck in ends - wraps are approx 33-37" inches long so you can wrap a few times around your wrist - knotted ends
• HAMMERED EDGE . SATIN FINISH on aluminum tag

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