cep Short Sock Women's BLACK

cep Short Sock Women's BLACK


cep, a Division of Medi USA L.P.

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CEP Dynamic Short Run Socks Wmn

Built so you can go further. Clinically proven to improve performance, increase circulation, and help prevent injury, you'll get the most out of every game and workout in these men's compression socks.

  • Encircles your muscles more than 300 times in graduated compression
  • High-tech fibers regulate temperature and deliver exceptional air flow
  • Seamless toe-closure for maximum comfort
  • Anatomically padded cushioning, anti-blister, anti-hotspot
  • Metatarsal compression in midfoot region provide added comfort
  • 85% Polyamide (Nylon), 15% Elastane
  • 20 mmHg compression
  • Low-maintenance ownership — machine wash and dry
  • Guaranteed for six months (150-200 wears)

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