cep Men's Ultralight Run Sock 3.0 BLK/GRY

cep Men's Ultralight Run Sock 3.0 BLK/GRY


cep, a Division of Medi USA L.P.

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M UL Run Sock 3.0

Built for those who demand more out of a performance sock. These men's socks offer advanced compression technology that increases circulation and helps prevent injury. And the ultralight design ensures ideal breathability. Hit the ground running in these athletic compression socks.

  • Encircles your muscles more than 300 times in graduated compression
  • Ultralight design and hydrophobic materials improve breathability
  • 25% less volume than CEP Compression Socks
  • Anatomically padded cushioning, anti-blister, anti-hotspot
  • Seamless toe-closure for maximum comfort

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